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 Camcorder for Symbian 6.0, Camcorder for Symbian 6.0 phones
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Camcorder for Symbian 6.0, Camcorder for Symbian 6.0 phones

In March, 1999 Symbian promoted the Symbian5.0 operating system, its main essence gathered the network, the wireless writing, the electronic mail, the name card as well as individual information assistant, simultaneously supporting the browser of standard network page, coordinated the java language supporting, caused Symbian to be allowed to run the small application procedure.

But this edition uses the type are really few, basically had not too many differences to the EPOC. But the Symbian 6.0 pieces increased in 5.0 foundations, GPRS, the WAP1.2 browser as well as the blue tooth technology support, the user was allowed to move the third party based on C++ and the J2ME development procedure. But the Symbian 6.1 pieces mainly increased to the USB support.

The Symbian 6.0 main features are: The support pronunciation telephone conversation and the data communication, supports Bluetooth and WAP, provides the secure function (SSL, HTTPS, WTLS), uses 16bit Unicode, supports the multi- languages demonstrates, use " PersonalJava 3.0 " and " JavaPhone 1.0 "

Tips:How to register ETI Camcorder
Firstly, You need to purchase ETI Camcorder from here. Then we will need your IMEI number to finish the registration, you can do as the follows to get your IMEI number:
Input "*#06#", then the 15 numbers displayed on your mobile phone are your IMEI number. We will send your Regcode after we recieved your IMEI number.
We promise what belongs you private, we will keep it as a secret.
Secondly, After you received your regcode, please press number "1" key on your mobile phone, there will appear the reg. code register notice. Input your reg. code we send to you, then you can use it freely.
If you have any questions please mail to


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