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Trouble Shooting
Hot questions:
How to solve "app.close" ?
What is Symbian 6.0?
What is Symbian 8.0?
What is the Shortcuts?
How to display the size of the videoclip recording?
What's that "audio codec - speech/general" thingy?

ETI Camcorder - software for series 60 smartphone

How to solve "app.close" ?

"app.close" usually occurs in that condition when the space of your mobile memory is full.

(1)Back-up another video file. First Please delivery all video files of your mobile to your computer and then
install our latest ETI Camcorder. Try and check if it occurs errors again.

(2)Please check the space of your mobile memory ( attention: is not your MMC memory card.)

ETI Camcorder covers 300kByte space of mobile memory. When the space is too small, My video or ETI Camcorder can't run.
In order to make sure running space ,you must delete some unimportant data of your mobile or delivery them to your PC .

(3) Running "My video" or "ETI Camcorder", please close other applications so as to avoid conflict among

In course of REC please not continue to record after system displays the space full. If you do so, system will be occurred serious errors.

ETI Camcorder Pro Turns your mobile phone into a true portable digital camcorder!


Tips: How to register ETI Camcorder

Step 1, Order ETI Camcorder. Click here for online order. Check here for order by fax and phone.

Step 2, Send us your IMEI Number. The regcode for your order is generated by your IMEI number, you can do as the follows to get your IMEI number: Input "*#06#", then the 15 numbers displayed on your mobile phone are your IMEI number. We will send your Regcode after we recieved your IMEI number.
We promise what belongs you private, we will keep it as a secret.

Step 3, Register your Eti Camcorder with your regcode. After you received your regcode, please press number "1" key on your mobile phone, there will appear the reg. code register notice. Input your reg. code we send to you, then you can use it freely.

If you have any questions please mail to


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