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Free mobile video - ETI Camcorder
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  ETI Camcorder V2.01
ETI Camcorder II

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Trouble Shooting
Hot questions:
How to solve "app.close" ?
What is Symbian 6.0?
What is Symbian 8.0?
What is the Shortcuts?
How to display the size of the videoclip recording?
What's that "audio codec - speech/general" thingy?

Free mobile video - ETI Camcorder

Set ETI Camcorder

Viewfinder Indicators:
The viewfinder screen displays various symbols to indicate the current setting of recording quality and status.
Free mobile video - ETI CamcorderFree mobile video - ETI Camcorder Storage location phone memory or MMC card
Free mobile video - ETI CamcorderFree mobile video - ETI CamcorderFree mobile video - ETI Camcorder Recording mode phone mode, PC mode and EDIT mode have been build in.
Free mobile video - ETI CamcorderFree mobile video - ETI Camcorder Back light switch between enabled and disabled .

Mode with Phone memory and Backlight On

Free mobile video - ETI Camcorder

Configure the settings:
  • Press right softkey to display settings window
  • Press the joystick to select the item.
  • Press the OK button to change the settings value.
  • Press the right softkey to close the settings window, the setting you prefer will be kept until you change it next time.
  • Free mobile video - ETI Camcorder

    Menu :
    Free mobile video - ETI Camcorder Press left softkey(MENU) to prompt MENU to have the following functionalit. Press left softkey again to close it.
  • Enter into MY VIDEO
  • change THEME (Skins)
  • View CREDITS
  • Exit Camcorder 2
  • Use “Phone mode” to create smaller-sized but smoother videos.
  • Use “PC mode” for general large resolution recordings suitable for PCs.
  • The “Edit mode” should be used more sparingly as it consumes lots of space. It is however a good choice for videos that are worth keeping or to be edited on a PC as valuable video sources.

  • Tips:How to register ETI Camcorder
    Firstly, You need to purchase ETI Camcorder from here. Then we will need your IMEI number to finish the registration, you can do as the follows to get your IMEI number:
    Input "*#06#", then the 15 numbers displayed on your mobile phone are your IMEI number. We will send your Regcode after we recieved your IMEI number.
    We promise what belongs you private, we will keep it as a secret.
    Secondly, After you received your regcode, please press number "1" key on your mobile phone, there will appear the reg. code register notice. Input your reg. code we send to you, then you can use it freely.
    If you have any questions please mail to


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