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Mobile phone video - ETI Camcorder guide
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Trouble Shooting
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Mobile phone video - ETI Camcorder guide

ETI Camcorder guide

How to start ETI Camcorder
How to record your video
How to play your video
How to set ETI Camcoder

How to start ETI Camcorder?
The Camcorder program contains two applets: Camcorder and My Videos. Press the joystick or select Options->Open to launch the applets. see more...

How to record your video?
Launch the Camcorder applet. After a short pause, you should see the viewfinder screen showing a live preview.
    1. Press the joystick to begin recording. The viewfinder shows a “REC” symbol at the upper left corner to indicate that we are now in recording mode. Meanwhile, the menu bar changes to Done and Cancel. The upper right circle shows the percentage the memory has been used. Along with the memory taken, the color will be changed from green to yellow and to red finally.
    2. While recording is in progress, pressing the joystick causes it to pause. Press the joystick again to resume.
    3. To finish recording, press Done. The video clip is automatically saved. More videos can be recorded by simply repeating step 1 to 3. Pressing Cancel causes the video to be discarded.
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How to play video?
    1. Select Options ->Go to “My Videos” to launch the video album.
    2. The video album shows all the memory in your cell phone, including phone memory and MMC card. Use joystick (left and right direction) to switch between storage location, and click “OK” to show the videos stored inside it.
    3. The video album shows the videos as thumbnails. A small arrow appears near the bottom of the screen if there are more than one screenful of videos. Use the joystick to move among the thumbnails and album pages.
    4. With the thumbnail highlighted, select Options ->Play to view the video.
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How to set ETI Camcorder?
    1. Press right softkey to display settings window.
    2. Press the joystick to select the item.
    3. Press the OK button to change the settings value.
    4. Press the right softkey to close the settings window, the setting you prefer will be kept until you change it next time.
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Tips:While playing back the video –
  • Press the joystick pauses and resumes the playback.
  • Move the joystick left and right to fast forward and fast rewind.
  • Move the joystick up and down to increase and decrease the playback volume.

Tips:How to register ETI Camcorder
Firstly, You need to purchase ETI Camcorder from here. Then we will need your IMEI number to finish the registration, you can do as the follows to get your IMEI number:
Input "*#06#", then the 15 numbers displayed on your mobile phone are your IMEI number. We will send your Regcode after we recieved your IMEI number.
We promise what belongs you private, we will keep it as a secret.
Secondly, After you received your regcode, please press number "1" key on your mobile phone, there will appear the reg. code register notice. Input your reg. code we send to you, then you can use it freely.
If you have any questions please mail to


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