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Question: How to edit the INI files to record at 176x144 @ 10fps or 15fps?

I am using a Nokia 6600, firmware 5.27. How can I edit the INI files to record at 176x144 @ 10fps? Or maybe even 15fps ?

This was possible in the previous version, but those AVI's had a problem: their audio didn't play with a DivX decoder.

Is it possible to record 176x144 @15fps videos on a 6600?


The frame of Nokia 6600 is 15 frame/sec, but it can have some losing when you rec it to mobile phone and Nokia 6600 only can catch 160*80 pels.

There are many reasons can cause the effect, while it has little relation with the version of O.S. The main point is I/O aspect, such as: Motion Eye and written file etc. The latest ETI has done a lot to avoid such problems and has some achievement.

Here has a mistaken concept of which we always think the size is smaller, it will be better, but it is opposite. Clear image needs high quality. But the higher can cause losing frame. CPU of 6600 is very slow and no matter Nokia and Philips can not support a higher quality.


Tips:How to register ETI Camcorder
Firstly, You need to purchase ETI Camcorder from here. Then we will need your IMEI number to finish the registration, you can do as the follows to get your IMEI number:
Input "*#06#", then the 15 numbers displayed on your mobile phone are your IMEI number. We will send your Regcode after we recieved your IMEI number.
We promise what belongs you private, we will keep it as a secret.
Secondly, After you received your regcode, please press number "1" key on your mobile phone, there will appear the reg. code register notice. Input your reg. code we send to you, then you can use it freely.
If you have any questions please mail to

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